Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman and stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah and Pedro Pascal as villain Maxwell Lord. The film is set in (you guessed it) 1984 during the Cold War and follows Diana and Steve as they face off against Max Lord and Cheetah.

I was a fan of the first Wonder Woman film and enjoyed its first World setting, which I thought was executed very well. In the latest Wonder Woman instalment, we visit 1984 and credit must go to director Patty Jenkins for capturing and nailing a 1980’s environment, all that was missing was a killer 80’s soundtrack. The film was at times reminiscent of the 90’s Captain Marvel setting, again showing that there is a market for ‘period’ superhero movies.

It’s nice to see a more mature Diana in WW84. In the first film Diana is new to the ‘modern world’ and wears her heart on her sleeve which frankly was a little annoying at times! As you’d expect, nearly 70 years on, Diana is much more in tune with the world and it is nice to see how she had coped following the events of the first film. Gadot is perfect in the role of Wonder Woman and her performances are as solid as ever.

Pedro Pascal stars as charismatic businessman Maxwell Lord and is the star of the movie. Lord isn’t your typical powerhouse villain like Bane or Ares from the first film, Max Lord asserts his villain status through his obsession of greed and power. Pedro Pascal’s performance of Max Lord is emotional, gripping and captivating, plus it was great to see that his abilities were true to original depictions of Max Lord in early comics, such as his nose bleeding when he uses his powers.

Despite the brilliant 80’s setting and the stellar performances from Gadot and Pascal, the movie as whole just feels a little flat. The majority of the fight scenes are sadly pretty disappointing, especially the final sequence between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Cheetah had the potential to be a great character within the DC Extended Universe but frankly she was awful! We only get to see the “apex predator” for a brief period at the end of the film and by the looks of it, we won’t be seeing her again. 

There were a number of questionable plot moments throughout the film too, particularly surrounding Diana and Steve’s relationship and Diana’s powers which change throughout the movie. WW84 still holds up well though for the most part and builds upon the great foundations of the first film.

The Verdict

Wonder Woman 1984 is an enjoyable sequel thanks to its 1980’s setting and cast, however is let down by its disappointing action sequences and ropey plot.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.


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