WandaVision Episode 3: First Thoughts

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The latest episode of WandaVision was released today on Disney+, following on from the initial first 2 episodes released last week. You can read my first thoughts on the first 2 episodes here or continue reading for thoughts on episode 3. Be warned – spoilers below!

Wow! Well after the excitement (and confusion) of episode 2 with Wanda’s pregnancy, episode 3 jumps straight in and covers the pregnancy all the way through to the birth of Wanda’s twins. We learn at the beginning of the episode that Wanda is 6 months pregnant but Vision says she has only been pregnant for 12 hours, which shows the startling speed at which the show is progressing. 

By the end of the episode, Wanda has the twins, whom are named Billy and Tommy which is true to the comics. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are magical constructs, made by Wanda using slivers of Mephisto’s (Marvel’s Devil) life essence to give them souls. The fact the twins are named Billy and Tommy supports various theories that Mephisto will be the main antagonist in the series as well as the theory this is all just part of Wanda’s creations.

Again episode 3 follows the pattern of the first two episodes of ‘going through the decades’; with episode 3 definitely going along a 70’s theme with the cheesy title sequence and 70s décor in Wanda and Vision’s house. Given the speed which the show is progressing, it will be interesting to see how Billy and Tommy age across the rest of the series. Could this set up for a potential Young Avengers movie/series in the near future?

In episode 1 we see a commercial for a Toastmate made by Stark Industries and then in episode 2 we see a Strücker Swiss-Made watch featuring the Hydra logo, both of these commercials I linked to trauma’s from Wanda’s past. In episode 3, the commercial is for a blue ‘Hydra Soap’ and whilst there is no clear link like the previous two, there are a few loose connections. 

Firstly, the soap being ‘Hydra’ and the colour being blue could be a link to Loki’s scepter which was used for tests on Wanda and her brother by Hydra in Age of Ultron and of course Loki’s scepter was blue. Additionally, there is a line in the commercial which says “when you want to escape but don’t want to go anywhere”, which could again be a clue to the world which Wanda has created and how she wants to escape her past trauma. I also found a really cool link to the blue Hydra soap from a scene in Agents of Shield:

Blue Hydra Soap?

We finally get a mention of Wanda’s brother Pietro Maximoff A.K.A. Quicksilver. This is the first acknowledgment we have had of him since Avengers: Age of Ultron and interestingly enough, it is Wanda who volunteers this information. Thus far she is yet to directly speak about her past or reveal anything outside of this life in Westview. 

Speaking of Pietro, Geraldine/Monica Rambeau certainly hits a nerve when she brings up Ultron killing him to Wanda. Obviously Geraldine isn’t like the other residents of Westview and judging by her necklace she is an agent of SWORD. Given the way the episode ended with Geraldine getting thrown out of Westview by Wanda and seeing the apparent forcefield surrounding the town gave me the impression that this is some form of agreement between Wanda and SWORD. I think that in an attempt to contain Wanda and her powers, Westview was created for her to live out her fantasies in a ‘secure’ location. I think Geraldine/Monica has been sent in by SWORD in attempt to befriend Wanda, whether for good or bad I’m not too sure at this stage.

We get the sense that Agnes and Herb know that Geraldine is an intruder and there is a definitely an indication that Vision is becoming more aware. Funnily enough, when Geraldine brought up Ultron, she didn’t rewind time like she did with Vision earlier in the episode, as if she knew Geraldine is in the know of what’s going on in Westview.

There’s so much to reflect on from episode 3 and it does answer some of the questions I had from the first two episodes, but again posed even more! The season is now setup to go in potentially all sorts of directions, will we see Mephisto? How old will the twins be in the next episode? Will Geraldine return to Westview? I can’t wait to find out!

2 thoughts on “WandaVision Episode 3: First Thoughts

  1. Good review. I also noticed when ever Wanda doesn’t like something or the dialogue doesn’t fit into her fantasy she rewinds time. When she sat on the couch and Vision questioned if this was real she rewind time to get a different outcome. The villain is still unknown. We just have to wait for Episode 4.

    1. Thanks! Yes Wanda is definitely trying to create this ideal fantasy but Vision is definitely becoming more aware. Towards the end of Episode 3 I got the impression that Wanda could become the villain, but I still think Mephisto will have a part to play. Looking forward to Episode 4!

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