WandaVision Episode 4: First Thoughts

WandaVision Title

Episode 4 of WandaVision was released today on Disney+, following on from an intense ending to episode 3 last week. You can read my thoughts on the previous episodes here or continue reading for my thoughts on episode 4. Be warned – spoilers below!

Oh boy! I’m loving the WandaVision series so far and episode 4 may be my favourite episode to date! So far we have seen things from the perspective of Wanda and Vision and whilst I have enjoyed the sitcom style to the show focusing on the title characters, in episode 4 we watch things from the perspective of Agents of Sword and the FBI. We follow Monica Rambeau (who we’ve known as Geraldine up to this point), FBI agent Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis. It’s great to these characters who have had supporting roles in previous films have more prominent roles in WandaVision.

The episode begins pretty chaotically with us witnessing first hand people returning from the ‘blip’, something we had only seen so far in Spider-Man: Far From Home. I hadn’t really considered the chaos bringing people back would have caused, but the opening scene in the hospital made me think that people coming back from the snap could potentially be as terrifying as the actual snap itself. There was one line in particular from a nurse who said “We don’t have capacity for this” which is pretty deep, especially given the current times.

We also get to see the SWORD Base for the first time, with SWORD now effectively the new SHIELD. Whilst we only get a glimpse of the Base for SWORD operations, this is surely a taster of things to come in the series Agents of SWORD, which is due to be released in 2023. For the most part, episode 4 has very much an Agents of SHIELD feel to it and I love that the characters know as much about what is going inside of Westview as we do. When I was watching the first 3 episodes, I was literally Jimmy Woo in episode 4, writing everything out on a whiteboard trying to make sense of who’s behind everything.

What I also love about episode 4 is that it fills in the gaps on most of the questions we’ve had from the opening 3 episodes. My theory that Wanda and SWORD were working together was dispelled and whilst there are still a lot of questions about Vision’s state and why Wanda is working her way ‘through the decades’, I feel as though we have a better understanding of Wanda’s motives. We learn that the series is set approximately 3 weeks after people returning from the ‘blip’, putting it roughly 7 months before the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The town of Westview is first stumbled upon by Jimmy Woo who is in search of a missing person. The missing person again gets mentioned a few times in the episode, but interestingly enough, we don’t get a name. We learn that some of the residents of Westview are actually acting their roles, could one of these actors be the missing person? Or perhaps the missing person is Agnes’ husband Ralph? We don’t find out whether Agnes is acting or not but we do find out that the missing person is male and none of his family have ever heard of him, could this missing person be Ralph (who I believe to be Mephisto)?

Towards the end of the episode, we see Wanda throwing Monica out of Westview. We do see a dark side to Wanda here and you get the impression she is potentially going to be portrayed as the villain in later episodes. Wanda does appear shocked with what she has done to Monica and suddenly the sitcom illusion disappears and we see Vision as a corpse, which completely freaked me out at first. This makes me wonder whether Wanda is actually using Vision’s corpse as part of the illusion (which would be pretty dark), or is it just when the illusion fades, she sees reality?

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