Run Fatboy Run Review

Run Fatboy Run cover art

Run Fatboy Run is a 2007 comedy film directed by David Schwimmer and starring Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria. The film follows Dennis Doyle, who after leaving his pregnant fiancée on their wedding day five years ago, decides to run a marathon to win her back.

Simon Pegg plays lead character Dennis Doyle, an out-of-shape security guard who attempts to compete against his ex-fiancée’s new boyfriend Whit, played by Hank Azaria, by running the Nike River Marathon in London. Whilst the premise of two main characters ‘competing’ to win the main love interest isn’t an original concept, the focus on running the marathon does help to differentiate the film and give it a unique twist. Plus, as Dennis is somewhat out of shape, I think the story is much more relatable – certainly to myself anyway! 

Simon Pegg is brilliant as Dennis, he feels very much suited for this character in terms of both personality and charisma. Simon Pegg is naturally a humorous guy and this translates brilliantly into his character. Likewise, Hank Azaria as Dennis’s love rival interest Whit, again feels well suited to the character, creating a smarmy and annoying persona who doesn’t take long to get on the audiences’ nerves! 

The supporting cast help add to the comic relief of the film, particularly Gordon (played by Dylan Moran) and Mr Ghosh Dastidar (played by Harish Patel) who serve as Dennis’ coaches and use a range of rather unorthodox training methods. There are also a few nice cameos in the film from Stephen Merchant, David Walliams and Billy Bailey, enforcing the British feel to it – all its missing is a cameo from Simon Peggs partner in crime, Nick Frost! Thandie Newton also stars in the film, playing the main love interest Libby, whom like the rest of the cast, is brilliant in the role.

There’s plenty of humour throughout with some genuine laugh out loud moments, with the banter between Dennis and Whit as they compete for Libby, providing some of the funniest moments in the film. At times the humour can go off on a bit of a tangent and end up being over the top silliness, but for the most part the well timed gags and humorous cast make Run Fatboy Run an entertaining watch. 

As well as the abundance of humour, the film is at times quite sentimental particularly within the relationships between characters. However, Run Fatboy Run doesn’t take itself too seriously and quickly reverts back to the comical pattern of the film. The film does also have an ‘against the odds’ feel to it and at times is actually somewhat motivational, particularly at its core. It’s no Rocky, but it may just inspire you to get your running shoes back out of the wardrobe!

It’s easy to understand why Run Fatboy Run is a fan favourite; a brilliant cast, well timed gags and a feel-good British comedy sense to it. It’s a fun, light-hearted comedy and is sure to put a smile on your face.

The Verdict

Run Fatboy Run is a laugh out loud, quirky, feel-good British comedy that may even inspire you to get your running shoes out of the wardrobe!

Rating: 7 out of 10.


Run Fatboy Run is currently available to watch on Prime Video in the UK. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime Video here (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

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