What to watch this weekend: 12th-14th March 2021

The Yes Day Cover Art

The weekend is already upon us and with the weekend comes that dreaded question, ‘what shall we watch tonight?’ Don’t fear! I’ve picked out a selection of new releases which should make that weekly “discussion” a little easier.

The One

The One is a new Netflix original science fiction TV series, following a company who can find your perfect partner through your DNA. The trailer looks fascinating and is very reminiscent of Black Mirror and the fairly recent Amazon original series, Soulmates. 

Where to watch: Netflix (releases March 12th)

Yes Day

Yes Day stars Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez as two parents who decide to say ‘yes’ to all of their kids’ wishes – think of a family friendly version of Yes Man! Given that Sunday is Mother’s day in the UK, this could be the perfect film to watch as a family.

Where to watch: Netflix (releases March 12th)


Aquaman is the 2018 film, which explores the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry as he follows his roots into becoming the DC superhero, Aquaman. Aquaman is one of my favourite films in the DC expanded universe and it certainly delivers an onscreen splash!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video (coming to Prime March 12th)

Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon released last week through Disney+’s Premier Access and if you were waiting for the critical reception, the results are in! I watched Raya and the Last Dragon last week and highly recommend it – you can check out my review of it here if you don’t believe me! It’s a great feel-good film which should keep the whole family entertained, but given it is part of Disney+’s Premier Access, there is a £19.99 fee to watch it. If you don’t want to pay to watch it, Raya and the Last Dragon will be available for all Disney+ subscribers from June 4th at no extra cost.

Where to watch: Disney+ Premier Access (£19.99 fee for early access)

Any Captain America film/Avengers Infinity War/Avengers Endgame

The Falcon and the Winter Solider original series begins streaming on the 19th March, so if you’re a Marvel fan, I’d recommend refreshing your memory to ensure you are up to speed! Whilst sitting down to watch all 23 MCU films may be a bit of a stretch for this weekend, the main movies I’d recommend watching are all of the Captain America films (The First Avenger/The Winter Soldier/Civil War), as well as both Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame.

Where to watch: Disney+

What are you planning on watching this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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