The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 (Season Finale) First Thoughts

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier title art

The final episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier released today on Disney+. You can read my thoughts on the previous episode here or continue reading for my initial thoughts on episode 6. Be warned – spoilers below!

The tension has been building over the course of the series and finally the season finale has arrived. The identity of the Power Broker is finally revealed and we see a new Captain America, but as always with Marvel, there are still plenty of questions posed!

Although the series is titled The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the series really does feel like Sam’s coming of age, particularly in the last few episodes. From donning his new Falcon come Captain America suit, to his fantastic monologue at the end of the episode, there is no doubt that Sam is the right man to take mantle as Captain America. I loved the touch at the end of the episode when the end screen title said ‘Captain America and The Winter Soldier’ and the titular change gives me hope for a second series in the future!

Sharon Carter plays a big role in the final episode of the series and her identity as the Power Broker is finally revealed! Whilst her identity as the Power Broker didn’t really come as a surprise, it was fascinating watching her use all the tech at her disposal. Her cloaking tech at the beginning of the episode was a lovely little throwback to Natasha/Black Widow in the Winter Soldier, but it was the way in which she melted a Flag Smasher’s face off as he was driving off in a van that was truly brutal!

I’ve never really been a fan of the Flag Smashers; I understood their cause but I’ve never really found them convincing. The final episode reinforced my opinion of them, in particular the showdown between Karli, Sam and Sharon. I feel Karli really lacks any real logic and the attempts to humanize her felt very forced and far too cheesy. Sam carrying her body out of the construction site felt almost as if she was some fallen hero, not some rogue terrorist intent on killing innocent people. 

I was pretty disappointed with the final showdown sequence in the construction site between Sharon, Sam, Karli and Georges Batroc. Shortly after Sharon is revealed as the Power Broker, she seemingly shoots Batroc as Karli shoots her. If Batroc is dead I will be super disappointed as I think he is a great villain with a lot of scope for development. Likewise, I was disappointed with how Sam decided to go to Karli’s aid rather Sharon’s aid, given his history with Sharon and the fact you know, Karli is supposed to be the bad guy…

John Walker gets his redemption and makes a comeback with his DIY-YouTube-tutorial shield! In all seriousness though, I’ve enjoyed his character development across the series and his story has been one of the most compelling. The scene where he attempts to save the civilians stuck inside the vehicle rather than going for Karli shows that there is still some hope for his character. Towards the end of the episode, John is confirmed as ‘US Agent’ and it will be interesting to see what is in store for his character in the future. I’m just glad they didn’t kill him off!

We see Sam visit Isiah at the end of the episode and take him to his tribute in the Captain America museum. The tribute was a lovely touch and of course well deserved, however I can’t help but feel as though the tribute just seems a little too obvious? Given the way Isiah was treated and his visible bitterness and resentment, I struggle to believe that a statue would change the way Isiah feels. I appreciate he could still have these feelings whilst appreciating the tribute, however knowing his character makes me think that he would be angered by the gesture of the tribute at all?

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the season finale. There were some elements which I absolutely loved including Sam’s evolution into Captain America, as well as a bad-ass Sharon flexing her Power Broker muscles, but I feel a little let down with the Flag Smashers and Isiah’s legacy. That being said, I’ve really enjoyed the series as a whole and I hope that there is a second season potentially in the pipeline.  

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is available to stream on Disney+.

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