Rain on Your Parade Review

Rain on Your Parade cover image

Rain on Your Parade is an indie game developed by Unbound Creations, primarily consisting of a number of puzzle-based levels where players wreak havoc as an adorable cardboard cloud. The game is available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

I originally downloaded Rain on Your Parade as simply a quick game to smash through to unlock some easy achievements on my Xbox. Granted the majority of the achievements are fairly easy to unlock, however with the first 5 or so minutes of playing Rain on Your Parade, it didn’t take long for me to become captivated by its delightfully silly approach to puzzle games.

Upon first impression, Rain on Your Parade felt very similar to Donut County. In Donut County, you play as a hole in the ground and are tasked swallowing objects above ground to grow in size. Rain on Your Parade is almost the reverse of this, with players controlling a cloud in the sky and raining havoc on people below. With just 4 abilities, rain, thunder, snow and tornado, Rain on Your Parade keeps its mechanics simple, yet its charming and unique level design make this a game truly like no other.

Across its 50 levels, players are tasked with solving various puzzles from something as simple as soaking every “hooman” in the level, to hilarious levels where you rain down meteors on dinosaurs! Every single level is eloquently designed and its impressive cardboard come cartoon style visuals make it absolutely absorbing. One of my favourite levels in the game is undoubtedly the level where you raise an army of zombies using acid rain, who then follow you around a city and munch on unsuspecting citizens!

There are a great number of pop culture easter eggs in the game too, with various references to Metal Gear Solid, Zelda and even The Office. In fact, The Office even has its own dedicated level, featuring an objective where you are actually responsible for spilling Kevin’s famous chilli! Little nods to popular video games, tv shows and movies give Rain on Your Parade that little bit extra charisma and charm. 

The vastly varying variety of levels in the game is remarkable, but I suppose my only minor complaint is that as a result of the vast number of levels (which all vary in objectives and difficulty), no level really lasts more than a few minutes. I appreciate that this is an indie game and a huge amount of credit must go to creating such superb levels, but at times I found myself a little disappointed that the level would come to an end, just as I was getting into my groove. 

That being said, some of the puzzles in the game are genuinely challenging! There were a few levels which are fairly small in size, but the games innovative puzzles actually prolonged my time spent in each well-designed level. The puzzles are rewarding and intelligent and are a perfect fit with the games charming design. A lot of the puzzles go hand in hand with the games slapstick humour too and this gives an added element of playfulness to the gameplay.

Rain on Your Parade strikes a fantastic balance of fun, charm and innovation and its simple concept will keep you entertained for hours. If you like games like Donut County and Untitled Goose Game, then Rain on Your Parade will be right up your street.

The Verdict

With a staggering number of uniquely detailed levels, brilliantly simple mechanics and innovative puzzles, Rain on Your Parade undoubtedly rains on the parade of its competitors!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


Rain on Your Parade is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Windows. It is also available to download via the Xbox Game Pass.

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