Loki Episode 2: First Thoughts

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Episode 2 of Loki released today on Disney+. You can read my thoughts on the previous episode here or continue reading for my initial thoughts on episode 2. Be warned – spoilers below!

After episode 1 of Loki set the scene for the series last week, episode 2 dives straight into the action. The episode begins with the TVA tracking the variant Loki to a Renaissance fair in 1985. I loved the fact that this variant Loki was at a Renaissance fair, I get the impression that Loki is a fan of the Renaissance era in general – if we think back to the scene in Thor: Ragnarok where Thor returns to Asgard to find a theatre scene put together by Loki, that had a bit of a Renaissance era feel to it.

Shortly after, we see Loki sat in the TVA office getting a lesson from Miss Minutes all about the TVA and Nexus events. Seeing Loki in an office environment was actually quite amusing and the prospect of him working in such an environment makes me think he would cause all kinds of mischief in the office! I also really enjoyed the dynamic of Loki and Mobius working together. I mentioned last week I hoped it would end up as a sort of good cop bad cop dynamic and I certainly got that kind of a vibe in this week’s episode.

I’m really enjoying the concept of the TVA, the idea of an organisation that monitors various timelines in the Multiverse is just super cool! The TVA headquarters is almost like a futuristic dystopia, but there are a lot of elements to it like the dated office environment and the almost early 20th century cartoon character Miss Minutes, which make me question whereabouts the TVA sit on the sacred timeline. We see Loki briefly discuss this with Mobius in episode 2, but I’m interested to learn more about the TVA and how closely it links to the Time Keepers.

There’s been a lot of mystery and secrecy about the sacred Time Keepers whom oversee proceedings at the TVA, and I get the impression that we aren’t going to be seeing them anytime soon! Given how potentially powerful these characters are being billed up to be, I definitely think that the series will continue to build on the mystery surrounding these almighty characters, so I wouldn’t be surprised for them to finally be revealed in the final episode of the series. That being said, given the way that this weeks’ episode ended, it wouldn’t come as a shock to see them in next week’s episode and confront Mobius! 

Later on in the episode, we see Loki, Mobius and a TVA task force head to a shopping mall in 2050, interestingly enough called “Roxxcart”. Roxxcart sounds like a potential spin off of one of Marvel’s most well-known conglomerates, Roxxon. Roxxon has appeared in little snapshots throughout the MCU (a Roxxon truck in Iron Man for example), but we’ve not yet seen them delve into shopping malls. Given 2050 is the future in terms of what we’ve seen so far from the MCU, this certainly could be a plausible venture. 

We see variant Loki set off a number of time bombs which in turn causes the sacred timeline to branch of uncontrollably; I have an inclining that this could be the beginning of the ‘Multiverse of Madness’. In theory, the TVA would have to fail to set the sacred timeline right for a Multiverse of Madness to take place, so I’m fascinated to watch the rest of the series play out and examine how Loki could potentially end up being responsible for the unfolding of the Multiverse of Madness.

At the very end of the episode, the Loki variant is finally unmasked and somewhat unsurprisingly, the variant was revealed as a female. There’s been a lot of talk about Loki being gender fluid which I fully support, given his shapeshifting abilities, so I wasn’t overly surprised by the reveal towards the end of the episode. If anything, I was more surprised that the variant revealed itself this early into the series! This adds a fascinating twist to the remainder of the series – could we possibly see the two Loki’s working together?

Overall, it’s another episode which I thoroughly enjoyed. Before I started watching the series, I initially just though it would be a fun series about Loki getting up to all sorts of mischief, but the more the series develops, I can see Loki having a huge impact across the MCU.

Loki is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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