6 games that need to be remade for the Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda The WindWaker HD Cover Art

A few months back, I took a look at some of the most exciting Nintendo Switch games which are set to be released later this year. The majority of the games were surprisingly remakes of some classic Nintendo games of the past and that got me thinking, what are some games which definitely need to be remade for the Nintendo Switch? Here are 6 games which I personally would love to see again in the near future.

Wii Sports

Is it just me or does Switch Sports have a nice ring to it? In all honesty, I’m shocked that Wii Sports hasn’t been remade in some shape or form for the Nintendo Switch. Wii Sports is the 4th best-selling video game of all time, granted it was bundled with consoles at first, but surely that kind of a demand warrants a sequel on the latest generation of console? What’s more, Nintendo even made a sequel, Wii Sports Resort, which was equally as well received as the first game, so I struggle to understand why there has been no talk of a ‘Sports’ resurgence.

In fairness, Wii Sports did fully utilise the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote brilliantly, something which I feel would struggle to translate as well to the Switch Joy-Con. I guess another barrier for recreating Wii Sports is how well the original game utilised the use of its Miis (don’t get me started on why Miis need a comeback!). The integration of using in-game characters taken from the Wii’s Mii Channel made each sport that bit more immersive.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was the first game in the Zelda series to introduce us to “Toon Link” and it is up there with one of my favourite games of all time. For a game released in 2003, its graphics, in depth story and satisfying gameplay felt so far ahead of its time. Originally released on the GameCube, the game actually had fairly poor sales initially, but in the years since its release, its rightfully gained the recognition it deserves and is now popularly considered among the very best Zeldas. 

Pokémon Channel

Another GameCube title and a somewhat of a niche shout, Pokémon Channel was an odd combination of adventure, simulation and keeping Pokémon as pets. Essentially serving as a sequel to the Nintendo 64 title Hey You, Pikachu!, the game didn’t exactly receive the best reception for game critics, but for me, it was the first Pokémon game I’d played that shifted away from the series’ core RPG style of play and I fell in love with it. 

The main premise involved players collecting various trading cards, Pokémon dolls and taking the bus amongst the games numerous locations to study various Pokémon. I think the game suffered from a real lack of direction, but with a bit of a fine tuning, I think a digital pet themed Pokémon game with plenty of collectibles could be a hit on the Switch! 


On the theme of virtual pets, it amazes me that there’s been no mention of a Nintendogs game for the Nintendo Switch! Using a combination of the Nintendo DS’s touchscreen and built-in microphone, Nintendogs completely revolutionised the digital pet landscape. We’d seen the likes of Digimon and Tamagotchi’s, but Nintendogs was the first hugely popular game to bring digital pets to console.

I would spend many an hour playing Nintendogs on my DS, teaching my virtual Dachshund a whole host of tricks and taking him for walks, much to the disapproval of my real-life dog! Given Nintendogs’ use of the Nintendo DS’s touchscreen and microphone, I could definitely see Nintendogs translating effortlessly to the Switch.

Super Mario Galaxy

Another series of games widely cited as some of the best of all time, the Super Mario Galaxy games are some of the best which Nintendo have ever created. Set in outer space, Super Mario Galaxy was somewhat of a step in a different direction for the Super Mario series, but by god did Nintendo get it right! With stunning level designs, inventive mechanics and that signature Mario charm, Super Mario Galaxy was certainly one of Mario’s finest escapades. 

What’s more the game’s sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, was actually considered an improvement on the first game! Given the bar set by the first two games, I can understand why there may be hesitations about a Super Mario Galaxy 3, but even if it’s half as good as the first two games, Switch owners would be in for a treat.

Advance Wars

Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game, originally released for the Game Boy Advance way back in 2002. The overall objective was to defeat the enemy army, either by destroying every one of the opponent’s units or capturing their headquarters. Advance Wars was my very first taste of a turn-based strategy game and its charming design and replay ability factor mean it’s a game that’s always stuck with me.   

Interestingly enough, as I began writing this article last week, Nintendo actually announced that the first two Advance Wars games would be getting remade for the Nintendo Switch and would be releasing later this year. I was hoping for a new Advance Wars game rather than a remake, but frankly I’m just glad that the series is back! 

With Nintendo’s notable commitment to bringing back some of their classics to the Nintendo Switch, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before some of the above titles see the light of day again! Which games would you love to see remade for the Switch? 

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