Loki Episode 4: First Thoughts

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Episode 4 of Loki released today on Disney+. You can read my thoughts on the previous episode here or continue reading for my initial thoughts on episode 4. Be warned – spoilers below!

Wow, where to begin! Tom Hiddleston stated in a recent interview that episodes 4 and 5 of Loki take the series into a different direction and that most definitely is the case of episode 4! The episode begins with a young Sylvie being taken by the TVA, before escaping Ravonna Renslayer’s grasp and going on the run. This sets the scene in the episode, with Sylvie revisiting it later in the episode.

As the episode cuts back to Loki and Sylvie on the planet of Lamentis, with their impending doom edging closer and closer, it became fairly obvious that the TVA would show up to rescue them in the nick of time. What wasn’t obvious however, was the fact that Loki and Sylvie holding hands and having a romantic connection would result in a major Nexus event like no other. This makes sense as two variants of the same being coming together and forming an emotional relationship is all kinds of wrong, as pointed out by Mobius. What the implications are of a Nexus event of this scale however, we are yet to find out.

Back in the TVA and under interrogation from Mobius, Loki is placed into a time loop where he relives an interaction with Lady Sif of Asgard. The appearance of Sif came as a bit of a surprise but it was great to see another of the original Asgardians whom first appeared way back in the first Thor. Despite this technically being a memory of Loki’s, it was great to see Jaimie Alexander reprise her role as Sif, particularly as she is set to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder later next year.

As the episode progresses, we see Mobius and B-15 come to realise that they have been lied to by the TVA and that they are in fact variants themselves. We see the pair of them join forces with Loki and Sylvie, only for Mobius to be quite shockingly ‘pruned’ before our eyes. Given the post credits scene, I’m confidently hopeful that Mobius isn’t permanently dead, although who knows with Marvel!

Towards the end of the episode, we see Loki and Sylvie come face to face with the ‘Time-Keepers’. After a few verbal’s, a pretty epic fight sequence ensued, with Loki and Sylvie teaming up against Ravonna Renslayer and the Time-Keepers’ guards. This scene felt almost identical to the fight scene in Star Wars The Last Jedi where Kylo Ren and Rey take on Supreme Leader Snoke and his Praetorian Guards. The similarities between the two scenes are actually surprisingly stark and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Marvel took inspiration from another Disney property here.

During the fight scene, we learn that the Time-Keepers are actually androids. This didn’t come as a huge shock to myself, as from the offset they didn’t quite seem as grand and powerful as they’ve been made out to be. The real question is, who is behind the whole charade and what are their motives? In the comics Ravonna is romantically involved with Kang the Conqueror, a well-known Marvel villain we are yet to see in the MCU. Could he be the mastermind behind the TVA and the sacred timeline?

At the very end of the episode, we see Loki ‘pruned’ by Ravonna. In the post credits scene, we then see Loki awakening, surrounded by what appears to be a number of Loki variants. From what I could see of the background, it looked to me like a sort of dystopian New York. Could Loki have been sent to an alternate timeline of what could have been if he had won the battle of New York in Avengers Assemble? From the early trailers of the series where Loki is wearing a ‘Vote Loki’ badge, could this potentially tie in with the New York setting? Could we have a number of variant Loki’s all vying to be the ruler of a dystopian New York?

The series is definitely heading in a new direction in these later episodes and its certainly veered away from the good cop bad cop storyline which I initially envisioned at the beginning of the series. Either way, I’m intrigued to see where things go from here and I can’t wait to find out!

Loki is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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