Loki Episode 5: First Thoughts

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Episode 5 of Loki released today on Disney+. You can read my thoughts on the previous episode here or continue reading for my initial thoughts on episode 5. Be warned – spoilers below!

Episode 5 of Loki picks up exactly where episode 4 left off! We saw Loki ‘pruned’ at the end of episode 4 by Ravonna Renslayer and this week we see that he was sent to the ‘Void’, a place at the end of time where everything the TVA prunes is sent to. Right at the beginning of the episode we see Loki join forces with a misfit group of variant Loki’s as they attempt to evade the fearsome cloud-like creature, Alioth. 

Interestingly, in the Marvel comics, Alioth is actually the first being who broke free from the constraints of time. What’s more, in my first thoughts on last week’s episode, I mentioned that there a lot of signs pointing to Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror making an appearance in the series and the appearance of Alioth backs this theory up. In the comics, Kang actually created a barrier from Alioth to prevent him from entering his domain – could this be the domain we saw come the end of episode 5?

I absolutely loved the different variants of Loki and how similar yet unique they all are! Classic Loki (played by Richard E. Grant) brings a maturity to the character of Loki and his story about how he arrived at the Void was actually quite sad. Kid Loki made me burst out laughing when he said that his Nexus event was that he killed Thor – it’s no wonder he was in charge! Undoubtedly however, the star variant has to be Alligator Loki! Even the concept of animals being variants of characters opens up so many possibilities within the MCU.

I also loved the desolate setting of the Void too and whilst it may seem like a barren wasteland upon first look, there are actually plenty of easter eggs to miss. As the Loki variants all head into the bunker, there is what looks to be a miniature Thor stuck in a glass jar! Similarly, a few seconds before that shot, there is a helicopter in the background with ‘THANOS’ written on the side of it; a reference to the Thanos-Copter in the comics. No doubt, there are countless other easter eggs in the episode too, many of which I will spend the next week or so hunting down!

We saw Sylvie come up against Ravonna Renslayer back at the TVA before self-pruning to enter the void, before being saved by a pizza delivery car driving Mobius. It wasn’t the jetski we all want to see him riding on, but I’m hopeful that we might see that in the final episode next week! We then see Sylvie and Mobius team up with the Loki variants before heading into battle against Alioth.

Loki and Slyvie head into battle against Alioth and as their first attempt to enchant Alioth fails, Classic Loki jumps to their rescue, creating a mammoth illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth whilst sacrificing himself in the process. The illusion of Asgard was a nice touch, given he is a Loki, but I was a bit disappointed that he met a painful fate. As Loki and Slyvie manage to enchant Alioth together, a citadel appears and the pair head towards it – could this be home to Kang the Conqueror?

As we head into the season finale next week, I can’t quite believe how quickly the series has sped by! We can kind of guess that we will finally meet the villain behind everything next week, but with Marvel you just never know! Given that a second series is in development, I’m fascinated to see how season 1 of Loki is left.

Loki is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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