What to watch this weekend: 20th – 22nd August 2021

Nine Perfect Strangers Nicole Kidman Prime Video Official Trailer

This weekend, there’s a variety of different shows and movies available to stream across all of the popular streaming services. I’ve picked out some of this weekends highlights including a comedy drama series featuring Killing Eve star Sandra Oh, as well as a dramatic miniseries starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.

The Chair

The Chair is a Netflix original comedy drama series featuring Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve star Sandra Oh. The series follows Sandra Oh’s character as she goes through the trials and tribulations of an English department chair at a major university. The trailer looks great and the early response to the series has been brilliant.

Where to watch: Netflix (available to stream 20th August)

Sweet Girl

Starring Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced, Sweet Girl is a Netflix original action thriller following a devastated husband who vows to bring justice to the people who killed his wife, all whilst protecting his daughter. The trailer looks fantastic and it’s great to see Jason Momoa in a lead role that isn’t Aquaman!

Where to watch: Netflix (available to stream 20th August)

Diary of a Future President: Season 2

Diary of a Future President is a Disney original comedy drama series following the future president of the United States, as she navigates her way through middle school. Told through a series of voice-overs and flash forwards, season 2 of Diary of a Future President follows central character Elena’s journey through the seventh grade.

Where to watch: Disney+ (available to stream now)

Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers is a Hulu original miniseries based on the 2018 novel of the same name, by Liane Moriarty. The series follows nine strangers who visit a wellness resort to try to get on a path to a better way of living, however they have no idea what is about to hit them. The series features an all-star cast with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy and Luke Evans all featuring.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video (available to stream 20th August)

What are you planning on watching this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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