Sweet Girl Review

Sweet Girl Jason Momoa Netflix Original

Sweet Girl is a 2021 action thriller film following a devastated husband who vows to bring justice to the people responsible for killing his wife. The film stars Jason Momoa, Isabela Merced, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Justin Bartha and is available to stream on Netflix.

Sweet Girl follows Ray and Rachel Cooper as they come to terms with losing their wife/mother to cancer, as they hunt down the people responsible for pulling a potentially lifesaving drug off the market. The premise is a little thin, but nevertheless, the sentiment and poignancy of the story is enough to get you invested into the film and sympathise with the main characters.

The first two thirds to the film are fairly enjoyable, granted there are numerous action movie clichés in near enough every scene, but for the most part there’s plenty of suspense and thrill to keep you engaged. With a resonating motivation at the heart of the story and some intense hand to hand combat, half way through the film, I found myself really enjoying it! Sadly however, the film’s third act effectively ruined the entire film for me; highly disappointing considering the promising opening.

Without giving away any major spoilers, there is a major twist to the narrative in the final 30 minutes of the film. The twist isn’t the good kind of twist either, not only does it make little to no sense, it essentially discredits everything we’ve already seen of the film. From this point on, I found the remainder of the film to be frustrating, unrealistic and down right depressing! The decision to include such a major twist was a very bold move, particularly when you consider how unnecessary it was, but frankly it didn’t pay off.

Story aside, there are some respectable acting performances from the films two leads, Jason Momoa and in particular, Isabela Merced. Jason Momoa plays grief-stricken husband Roy Cooper and whilst his character was pretty reserved in comparison to other characters we’ve seen him play, he still brought enough likeability to the character. I’d liked to have seen a darker side to his character, as well as seeing his character in a few more action scenes, but all in all I think Jason Momoa did well in portraying a fairly restricted character.

Arguably, the best thing to come out of Sweet Girl was the performance of Isabela Merced as teenager Rachel Cooper. After the devastation of losing her mother to cancer and the journey she goes on through the film, Isabela Merced does a fantastic job at conveying the raw emotion which her character is experiencing. I was particularly impressed with her performance in the latter stages of the film, where her character is in a number of action scenes and her character becomes quite relentless.

Ultimately, the major plot twist in the film simply ruins what potentially could have been a very enjoyable action thriller. A story can really make or break a film and in Sweet Girl’s case, the pointless twist really undid the promise the film had to offer. 

The Verdict

Its heartfelt premise and two fantastic leads give Sweet Girl a lot of promise, but the unnecessary major plot twist discredits all of that potential and ultimately, Sweet Girl ends up as a bit of a flop. 

Rating: 5 out of 10.


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