What If…? Episode 7: First Thoughts

What If...? Marvel Studios Featured Image

Episode of seven Marvel Studios’ latest anthology series, What If…?, released earlier this week on Disney+. You can check out my initial thoughts on episode 7 below. Be warned – spoilers after the break!

Many of the episodes in What If…? have been a little on the serious side, however this was certainly not the case in this week’s episode of What If…?! Episode seven explores (rather humorously) what would happen if Thor were an only child. What ensues is unparalleled hilarity as Thor travels to Earth to host a rave party with aliens from all over the galaxy.

You do get the impression that putting together the various concepts for each episode of What If…? must have been immensely fun! From reimaging the Avengers as zombies in episode five, to Thor partying in Las Vegas in this week’s episode, there’s no question that a lot of these narratives would never see the light of day in a live action MCU film! Nevertheless, each episode manages to retain all that Marvel charm so there’s a pleasant sense of familiarity to each episode and that’s certainly the case with “Party Thor” this week who is hugely reminiscent of “Fat Thor” from Avengers Endgame.

The creative freedom in episode seven really runs wild and it almost feels as if the production team were setting out to make this episode as crazy as possible! From Grandmaster (played by none other than Jeff Goldblum) riding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a mobility scooter, to Korg cannon balling into a Las Vegas fountain, episode seven of What If…? feels like a breath of fresh air. The majority of MCU entities all have a degree of seriousness to them, but What If…? is mixing up the formula and its original approach is really making the series unique.

I’ve mentioned this previously on my initial thoughts of other What If…? episodes, but I can’t get enough of the various call backs within each episode to various moments across the MCU! One of my favourites this week was definitely ‘the day after the night before’ where a hungover Thor wakes up and questions why there is a rabbit in the bathroom sink, of course referring to Rocket Raccoon, as he did in Infinity War. I feel like these subtle references provide a great deal of authenticity to What If…? and act as mini easter eggs within each episode.  

From a narrative perspective, the concept of Thor being a lonely child proves insightful, not just from us getting to see Party Thor take over Earth, but also providing us an insight into how grounded Loki actually kept his brother. Also, seeing Loki grow up as an ACTUAL Frost Giant was a crazy sight to behold and I loved the interaction between Loki and Thor where they called one another a “brother from another mother”! 

Overall, episode seven of What If…? may just be my favourite episode within the series! From the comedic elements dotted throughout, to the roster of superheroes featuring within the episode, episode seven is a perfect showcase of how creative Marvel are willing to be with the series.

What If…? is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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