What to watch this weekend: 16th-18th April 2021

Time seems to be absolutely flying by in 2021 – how are we half-way through April already?! This weekend, there are limited new releases available for home streaming, however I’ve picked out a few highlights including a new National Geographic series as well as an Oscar nominated movie. Earth Moods Earth Moods is a Disney+Continue reading “What to watch this weekend: 16th-18th April 2021”

What to watch this weekend: 9th-11th April 2021

The weekend has arrived and surprisingly, it’s slim pickings this weekend for hot new releases. Despite the lack of new content, I’ve picked out a few new additions worth giving a watch this weekend. Thunder Force Thunder Force is a superhero comedy following two childhood friends who reunite as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo. AContinue reading “What to watch this weekend: 9th-11th April 2021”

What to watch this weekend: 26th-28th March 2021

The weekend is nearly upon us and this weekend we have a great selection of brand new releases available to watch. From the latest series of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to a new adult animated superhero show from the creators of The Walking Dead, I’ve picked out some of this weekends highlights. The Irregulars The Irregulars isContinue reading “What to watch this weekend: 26th-28th March 2021”

Which streaming service is best? – March 2021

It’s exactly a year since Disney+ launched here in the UK and with a reported 100 million subscribers worldwide, it’s safe to say Disney+ has been a success! However, with recent price increases to both Netflix and Disney+, being able to watch all your favourite shows isn’t as simple or cost effective as it onceContinue reading “Which streaming service is best? – March 2021”

The Great Escapists Review

The Great Escapists is a documentary style TV series starring Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci. The series follows Hammond and Belleci whom are ‘shipwrecked’ on a remote island and must put their engineering and scientific heads together in attempt to survive and escape. The series is an Amazon original, exclusive to Prime Video. The premiseContinue reading “The Great Escapists Review”