10 of the best Friends cameos of all time

After watching the highly anticipated Friends Reunion last week and seeing some of the many faces to have made cameo appearances in the show, it got me thinking about some of my favourite cameos across the shows ten series. Check out my top 10 cameos below – note, as these are cameos, I’ve only includedContinue reading “10 of the best Friends cameos of all time”

5 things we learnt from the Friends Reunion

The highly anticipated Friends Reunion aired in the UK yesterday and as expected, it was an emotional rollercoaster. With guest appearances from characters like Mr Heckles to Joey’s hand twin, as well as a fashion show featuring some of the shows’ most hilarious outfits, the reunion was a fabulous look back at a show whichContinue reading “5 things we learnt from the Friends Reunion”