The United Way Review

The United Way is a cinematic docu-film following the rise of one of the most iconic sporting dynasties the world has ever seen, Manchester United Football Club. The United Way is available to watch on Sky Documentaries from 24th May. First and foremost, I should admit that I am a huge Manchester United fan, soContinue reading “The United Way Review”

7 of the best football movies of all time

Given the global popularity of football (or soccer for my friends across the pond!), there is a distinct lack of football-based movies available to watch. The majority of football films that are produced generally tend to be documentaries and even those which are feature films, often the bulk of the action takes place off theContinue reading “7 of the best football movies of all time”

Pelé Review

Pelé is a 2021 Netflix original documentary movie, following Pelé’s time in Brazil and the extraordinary period of twelve years where Pelé played in 4 World Cups, winning 3. The docu-movie features a number of interviews with Pelé and former his teammates as well as featuring a number of clips throughout the years. I’m aContinue reading “Pelé Review”